Fifteen years of experiences

in Design & Developments

Battery Charger

Lithium polymer battery packs need careful charging. Charger needs to be in closed loop control with BMS. We serve our clients as a battery and power electronics consultant and a provider of electronic power solutions and custom battery charger designs as needed basis. Services include development from the specification, analysis of high versatile long life proven charger.

Lian has many experiences for commercial and industrial charger ranging in the output power of one kilowatt to 22 of kilowatts, output current in 3 amps to one hundred of amps, and the output voltage from 120V to over 600V. Our advanced technology leads to design for a high power to volume rate in our products. Some of our experiences are:

  • Low and medium power charger design
  • Fully automated chargers
  • Fail safe chargers
  • Resonant low EMC chargers