Fifteen years of experiences

in Design & Developments

Battery Discharger

We serve our business clients as a complete battery pack tools consultant and a provider of electronic power. One of the main tools to specify the characteristics/health of battery pack is dischargers or Electric load. Services include the development of specification, analysis, and troubleshooting of existing designs for the variable electric load.

Lian has many experiences for commercial and industrial use ranging in the discharging power of tens watt to hundred of kilowatts, output current in amps to kilos of amps, and input voltage from 2.7V to over 600V. For large packs, we introduced active loads that reduce energy cost. Some of our experiences are:

  • Active and passive loads
  • Fully automated charger, discharger modules
  • Linear loads
  • High voltage battery pack discharger
  • Constant current, constant power discharger