We Are Specialist in

Concept Design & Prototyping

Core Skills

With over 15 years’ experience of mechanical engineering services/electronic engineering services, and as leaders in our field, we have all skills needed under one roof to take you from creating your initial product concept through to seeing your product roll off the production line.

Mechanical Engineering Services

The expertise and facilities to deliver a proven, Mechanics Engineering optimized solution, mechanical engineering services for cost-effective design and manufacturing. As a core discipline to any mechanical engineering services, by co-locating mechanical engineers with the other relevant disciplines – from industrial designers and electronics engineers through to new product introduction specialists – we enable seamless communications throughout the development cycles. We believe that this collaborative working, including direct communication with your own team, provides cost and time benefits through delivering an optimized solution with a reduced risk of iteration at the engineering stage.

Our mechanical engineering services bring considerable industry Mechanics Engineering experience to bear so that we can resource a team of engineers with a track record of success in the relevant market sector; Our world-class in-house expertise includes:

  • 3D mechanical design, including SolidWorks and Catia
  • Computer-aided engineering, including CFD (Fluent) and linear and non-linear FEA
  • Simulation and modelling, with Matlab and Simulink
  • Prototyping – model making, 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining

Electronic Engineering Services

We use a system design approach to electronic engineering Electronics Engineering services, integrating tightly with firmware and software, mechatronics and control system, and a broad range of sensor technologies. Through our comprehensive electronic engineering services capability, we consistently deliver value to our client’s optimized design. The majority of projects involving electronic engineering services center around one or more key features with commercial and technical challenges. Our specialize are able to achieve:

  • Low power
  • Low noise
  • Low cost
  • High speed
  • Highly integrated, smallest size
  • Long battery or service life

Lian Consultants deploys its strong electronic engineering services capabilities to provide real value to its clients at all stages of the development cycle. Typical activities include:

  • Design reviews and architecture studies
  • Design analysis
  • Design, build and test
  • Extensive in-house prototype build
  • Test and verification
  • Fault finding and reliability analysis

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical hardware, Mechatronics engineering electronics, embedded software, and controls into a highly integrated functional unit. As of name implies, it is our specialty. We have expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical / electronic engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, and dynamic systems engineering. Successful mechatronics design requires knowledge and experience in these disciplines. Many mechanical engineering services and electronic engineering services companies have some of these areas of expertise but our company specializes in the combination of all of them.

  • Servo systems
  • Motion control systems
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Digital control systems
  • Sensors & actuators
  • Regenerative energy control
  • Hydraulic control systems
  • Analog control systems

Software Engineering Services

Lian Innovative develops robust Visual and Embedded software Software engineering of any size and complexity using proven, flexible processes and tools. Today software plays an increasingly important role as a critical technology enabler across a wide range of industries.

Software engineering services is an engineering discipline, not a black art. Lian Innovative takes a holistic, systems engineering approach to all of its product and system development projects. By considering it as part of the system design rather than a separate entity, our engineers are better able to address challenging cross-cutting concerns such as power consumption, BoM cost, reliability, information security and regulatory compliance.

Dynamic Systems Engineering Services

The design and analysis of dynamic systems require specialized Dynamic system engineering expertise in control theory and signal processing. Our Engineering Services capabilities include:

  • Dynamic system design
  • Dynamic systems modeling in Matlab® / Simulink®
  • Model parameter estimation (theoretical & experimental)
  • Controller design

             1. PID

             2. Classical control (continuous) & state space (discrete)

             3. SISO & MIMO

             4.Robust control

             5.Fuzzy logic

  • Nonlinear control
  • Prototyping & debug
  • Requirements definition
  • Algorithm development
  • Digital signal processing (FIR & IIR filters, FFTs, cross correlation, etc.)
  • Analog anti-aliasing filters