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Divehead Diver Propulsion Vehicle

The Lian Innovative Diver Propulsion vehicle (DPV) is the most Untitled5_1 advanced professional / industrial-grade underwater propulsion device in the world. The Lian Innovative diver propulsion vehicle enables divers to travel farther and faster with more payload than previously possible with any other diver propulsion device. Our diver propulsion vehicle is totally different from what one can find on the market as SeeDoo and Sea Scooters. It designed as a heavy duty underwater propulsion systems which can be used on professional hobby clubs, industrial offshore projects, underwater material handling or as the shore guards.

Advanced Design 

The Lian Innovative Divehead is an advanced, ruggedized, well Untitled6_1 market proven diver propulsion vehicle on the market. It is a combination of Lian Innovative skills which have gathered under one roof. Over one decade of experiences in design and development of underwater propulsion device, Lian Innovative has offered two types of professional, industrial diver propulsion vehicle Divehead1070 and Divehead1500. Depending on the operation, operators may need different combinations of speed, range, and payload capacity. Lian Innovative offers 2 different underwater propulsion systems models that will fit any profile. Both Divehead1070 and Divehead1500 have the same proven and reliable standard diver propulsion vehicle dimensions certifications. Both depth ratings are set to be 70 meters which make it applicable in any kind of operations.


Under the water surface, where the industrial operation is critical to Untitled8_1 be done completely, redundancy is the most important parameter. Divehead is designed to be able to complete its mission in case of any unwanted failure or injuries. Lots of redundancy system has been used to guarantees this valuable unbeatable spec. All seams were sealed with two O-rings, one as spare. All sections are sealed separately with internal end bells. Propeller shaft is sealed with one high quality ceramic seals and two elastomer seals. Wireless charging has been used to avoid any disassembling or dismantling of the vehicle. Motor driver has integrated spare PcB. In case of any failure, the propeller will continue its working. 

Long service life

Both models of Divehead have been designed to be used +8 hours per day 365 days/year for +10 years of cycle life. Very advanced brushless, direct drive, reliable underwater thruster has been developed by Lian Innovative as the propulsion. Hard anodized durable aluminum body guarantees long life against any corrosion or wear. 

Advanced Lithium ion Battery Pack

The Lithium ion battery pack is designed DSC01529 to minimize the size of Divehead and reduces the weight of the device, while providing extended runtimes and service life. The battery pack service life is +2000 full Deep of Discharge cycles. It means that if the user uses the diver propulsion vehicle twice a day for 8 hours, the battery will last +10 years. It is ideal for the diving club which using the Divehead continuously all the year. Although the battery pack is tiny but it can move the Divehead at least +3 to +6 hours full speed with each charge. The battery charges very quickly, in less than half an hour. For diving clubs, it means that they can rent the Divehead all the day with just half an hour for charging at the middle of the day. 

 Economic as Hobby

Divehead is the most cost effective diver Divehead ecconomypropulsion vehicle on the market. It has been designed to be fully charged in less than half an hour, to keeps the service time as high as possible. For whom they rent the Divehead service time is very important. Continuous working for +3 to +6 hour and spending just half an hour for charging without any waste time guarantees the profitability of the Divehead in competing with the other diver propulsion vehicles which need +1  hour charging and just 1 or two hours of working per charge. 

Powerful still Efficient

Divehead can carry up to 4 divers up to 15 Km which none of other competitor products can achieve. Still, its power consumption to its speed is as low as possible thanks to its wonderful thruster design. Divehead thruster efficiency is as high as 42% which is higher than the efficiency of the thruster of other competitors. It leads to reduces the battery size and overall price of the device and make it competitive to other brands on the market. 

User-Friendly Design

Divehead is light and easy to carry with its handles. Untitled7_1this machine can be easily used for shore dives where you may have to carry the device for longer periods before you can dive in the water. The progressive acceleration system helps the user to match him/herself at the start of course. It has 5 Speeds. All user with different ability can use it safely. The administrator can limit its speed for the users who needs to play carefully. Divehead is totally Maintenance free during its service life. The owner does not spend any care for it. Nearly all of the diver propulsion vehicles on the market needs to be dismantled or disassembled to be charged. its lengthy, boring and low reliability. Divehead is the first diver propulsion vehicle on the market that uses inductive charging. The user can charge it without and dismantling or disassembling. None of the sealed sections will probably be injured during charging procedure. A Comprehensive Owner’s Manual of Instruction provided to helps the user to quickly and safely using Divehead.


Safety is the most important parameter under the water surface. Divehead is the safest diver propulsion vehicle on the market. The diver must keep both handles to release the Safety Stop Switch. It guarantees his/her hands away from the suction current of the propeller. Advanced water leakage alarm system, lets the user be aware in the beginning of any probable water intrusion. +2 Kg Buoyancy allows the diver to have enough time to come to the surface steadily and regards her/his recommended timing. The battery pack is dangerous in case of any water intrusion. Divehead custom designed battery pack is totally sealed independent of the device. In any case of probable leakages, Batteries are impossible to be damaged. 




Divehead included with an advanced inductive quick charger which can to charge the battery less than half an hour with less effort. The charging process does not need any special care, clean room, any dismantling or etc. A carry box is also included. 


Divehead is among the most popular diver propulsion vehicles, so you can purchase a diver propulsion device from us with some confidence that you will get a well-built machine for the price you pay.





Divehead 1070

Divehead 1500
  • Suited for one diver
  • Cruising Range: 15 Km (@ 2.5 mph)
  • Maximum Speed Up to 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)
  • Diameter 200mm
  • Length:107 cm
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Max static trust: 130 N
  • Runtime at cruise speed 200 Min
  • Min Battery Capacity 1800 Wh
  • 200% the Range of the Divehead1070
  • Easily tows 3-4 divers with full load
  • Redundant propulsion & battery
  • Cruising Range: 30 Km (@ 2.5 mph)
  • Maximum Speed Up to 4.6 mph (7.4 km/h)
  • Length:150 cm
  • Weight: 38 Kg
  • Max static trust: 180 N
  • Runtime at cruise speed 400 Min
  • Battery Capacity 3600 Wh