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Lian Innovative is one of most advanced Engineering Services Companies located in china. The engineering services we offer reflects the entire life cycle of a product, from the strategic planning of future products, product design and development, solving customer problems arising with existing products, and everything in between. The project scope can range from modules, or sub-assemblies, to turn-key developments and industrialization of complete products.

Engineering Services
When a new engineering challenge or problem happens and there are bottlenecks on the ground or insufficient expertise to hand, Lian Innovative can assist by taking on the full project, various aspects of the engineering services or by providing a fresh perspective on the problem to cut lead times or reduce the cost.
Sometimes it helps to have an unbiased view to review a proposed or existing project to bring in new ideas and ways of working. We work closely with clients to cause the least disruption to the existing engineering problem – unless, of course, you are looking for a disruption to the engineering problem to offer you an opportunity to provide a new product or service.
Lian Innovative company provides a complete range of consulting engineering services, including Electronic, Mechanic, Software, training, and management consulting to leading Hi-Tech equipment and component manufacturers throughout the world.
Our objective is to use our expertise in the field of Hi-Tech Engineering services to support our customers at all stages of the engineering challenges and enable them to achieve their engineering goals. 

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Redesign for cost reduction

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Functional enhancements of concept

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Industrial Design


Prototype & Proof

Some examples of engineering services are as follow:
• An unexpected short range of Underwater Robot was analyzed & solved. 
• The high production cost of an Electric MotorCycle analyzed and solved.  
• Petrochemical plant stack vibration was analyzed and solved.            


Problem Analysis

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Modeling & Simulation


Industrial Solution

Mechanical and Electrical Consultants

Lian Innovative is a Mechanical and Electrical Consultants company in China that can turn your great ideas into products. Our mechanical and electrical consultants figure out how to make your product in a smarter, better, safer and more economical way. We are a lean organization with a great team of engineers and artists available on demand so that our general operating expenses are low, yet our ability to create innovative, good looking products is high. Lian Innovative mechanical and electrical consultants help entrepreneurs, inventors and corporations develop their new product idea at a fraction of the cost of western, larger & high profile industrial design companies.
Today, many market-leading engineering services companies outsource sub-assemblies of their electronic product design or Mechanical and Electrical product design. The reasons for this vary; increased focus on core activities, resource issues (time, competence, facilities) or improved control over the commercial risks related to product design and development projects. Among smaller industrial product design companies, it’s relatively common to have only a few Design and Development projects running at the same time, and sometimes only one project every other year. In these cases, it is difficult to maintain quality, cost control and have a high productivity. In these situations, it makes a lot of sense to partner up with someone like Lian Innovative, who is constantly running complex projects at all times.
Mechanical and electrical products that work exceptionally well is the goal of Lian Innovation team of mechanical and electrical consultants in China. Lian Innovative engineering services approach fosters and stimulate innovation. By developing innovative products that create new markets, break new ground in existing industries, or change society as a whole, we’ve gained the knowledge, experience, and creativity that can help you leverage innovation to achieve business success.
The interesting thing about mechanical and electrical consultant is that, on the one hand, it is a step-by-step process, but on the other hand, you have to be aware of all the aspects of the product simultaneously because each aspect affects all of the others. We call this a “holistic” approach to design, and we feel that operating in this manner is one of our core strengths.
We aim to arrive at an ideal engineering consulting for your new products or idea in a relatively short time frame, keeping your development budget within a range that won’t break the bank.
Through the experienced use of powerful simulation tools and a thorough background in manufacturing realities, Lian Innovative staff can rapidly produce workable solutions to the most difficult engineering challenges. We offer a complete infrastructure for electrical and mechanical product design and development.


3D Modelling Software


Electronic Lab


Electrical Design & Simulation software


Mechanical Workshop

Some example of our mechanical and electrical consultants are as below:
• CNC Press from idea to prototype.                                            
• Jetboots from idea to prototype.                                                
• Electrical Thrusters from idea to low volume production.       
• Advanced Battery charger from idea to production.                  

Low Volume, High-Value Assembly

Our facilities provide a flexible space in which we are able to offer clients cost-effective manufacturing for high value but low volume parts and assemblies. With our network of trusted suppliers growing all the time, we are able to connect our clients to some of the most skilled, experienced and knowledgeable companies in China beyond to guarantee a swift, accurate response to inquiries and requests to supply. Our materials resource supply and monitoring system enable us to assure clients that parts can be sourced in good time for their product assembly and delivery. Some examples of low volume assembly are as follow:
• Diver propulsion vehicle from Idea to limited production.      
• Electrical Thrusters from idea to low volume production.