Fifteen years of experiences

in Design & Developments

PMSM Motor

With our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom PMSM servo motor systems, we have a significant accumulation of innovations, technologies and proven processes to leverage as we enter into a new project. Whether a simple modification to an existing motor product or employing a past innovation in a new motor, we begin with a head start. For this reason, our customers experience both a compressed design cycle and better long-term results. As a custom servo motor manufacturer, we take pride in our ability to offer our customers brushless servo motors designed to their exact specifications. For a given power & torque requirement, Lian can deliver a significantly smaller and lighter electric motor than any other competing technology. Some of our capabilities are:

  • Large-diameter hollow-shafts;
  • Extraordinarily smooth commutation at both low and high speeds;
  • Integrated motor and drive
  • Extraordinary torque to diameter/weight ratio