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High Efficiency, Low Noise Underwater Thruster

Underwater thrusters (someone says underwater motor) are used as ROV thruster (Remotely Operated Vehicles), AUV thruster (Autonomous underwater vehicle), submarines thruster, Diver Propulsion Vehicle and basically any underwater robots that need electric propulsion to move underwater.

One of the Lian Innovative custom and off-the-shelf products is its advanced, ruggedized, well market proven underwater thruster which mainly uses as ROV part. The underwater thruster is a compact high-tech product that in deep knowledge is required to make it reliable and high performance. Lian Innovative underwater thrusters are designed for reliability and performance. With simplicity and versatility in mind, the range of underwater thruster includes numerous innovative features that make them stand out from similar underwater thrusters for performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.


PMSM Technology

High Efficiency

Stealth operation

Direct Drive Reliability


Many Sizes and Combinations

Optional Mounting Brackets

Shaft Seal Failure Operationable

Field serviceable components


Nozzle engineered for max thrust

Lightweight Design

Hard Anodized Corrosion Resistance

For/Rev 5-10% Accuracy


Highest Reliability

Low Cost Ownership

Long Service Life

Best Choice For AUV/ROV


Integral Electronics

Various Voltage Options

Fouled Propeller Detector

Under Voltage Protection


  • Small ROV thruster
  • Work class ROV thruster
  • AUV thruster
  • Submarines thruster
  • Bow thrusters (tunnel mounted)

High-Efficiency Underwater Thruster

measuring-capital-efficiencyAll of our underwater thrusters are very efficient and are proven models that have a solid track of records. All underwater thrusters body are streamlined and limit flow blockage. Being of superior design, using Torque PMSM motors together with SK propeller and Rice Nozzle shape of the Lian Innovative underwater thruster keeps the efficiency as high as 42% at low-speed heavy loads. For high speed, light loads using high-speed Direct Drive PMSM motors combined with B-series propellers keeps efficiency up to 63%. The Efficiency has been calculated between input power (Dc voltage cross current) and output hydrodynamic power (Thruster force cross vehicle speed). 

This high level of efficiency rated our underwater thrusters to be more attractive in the high-tech applications. As an ROV thruster, using Lian Innovative underwater thruster leads to using thinner umbilical which reduced the drag load and rises the system overall efficiency high. As AUV thruster and submarine thrusterو using Lian Innovative underwater thruster led to reduces the battery size and overall cost.  


Advanced Shaft Sealing

O-Ring-Mechanical-Seals-DY104-All our underwater thrusters have a very advanced design triple redundant sealing system. The first seal is a high quality ceramic mechanical seal which is totally worn resistance. And two specially designed elastomer internal/external seal that is capable of sealing the motor on its own.  This offers a large safety margin to prevent water leaks into the motor.

The multi-shaft sealing system design allows the ROV thruster and AUV thruster to continue running in the event of a shaft seal failure and subsequent flooding, without damage to the winding or electronic components.

Advanced System Design

Octoplus-DFLian Innovative underwater thrusters provide the most reliable AUV thrusters and ROV thrusters currently in the marketplace. Lian Innovative underwater thrusters Electric Motor are direct drive and do not require any adapter shaft, extra bearings, gears and or a gear box. The ROV motors efficiently produce all the torque needed by the propeller without any gearbox. Lian Innovative’s new direct drive range of PMSM (brushless DC motor) thrusters breaks new ground in the underwater thruster, low weight, and enhanced reliability.

We have single and multi-channel controllers suitable for battery operated units. And for the larger underwater thruster which needs higher power, high voltage controllers are provided which generally will be fed by umbilical. The application is very dependent on your needs. Integrated electronic drives are matched with motors to produces the highest level of efficiency.

Lian Innovative AUV thrusters and ROV thrusters are currently available in many sizes, each incorporating Lian Innovative’s unique technology.

Quality control

quality-control-approvedAll of Lian Innovative underwater thruster independently tested for 12 hours under highest water pressure and variable load to ensure the finalized product quality. All of our product are guaranteed for one year.   

Lian Innovative Underwater Thruster types

Inline thrusters

Inline Underwater Thruster can be integrated in underwater vehicle body. This underwater thruster type usually uses as AUV thruster and Submarine thruster to keep its hydrodynamic shape and stream line flow. The external geometry of inline underwater thrusters can be modified by customer orders.

Standalone Thrusters

Standalone Underwater Thruster are the most one you can see on the market. An underwater thruster with hydrodynamic housing which can be connect to the underwater device by its handle. This type of underwater thruster is usually used as ROV thruster or as Bow thruster.

Off the shelf Underwater Thrusters

Lian Innovative offers widest range of Standalone off the shelf underwater thruster in the market. This type mainly uses as underwater ROV thruster. Off the shelf Inline underwater  thrusters mainly uses as AUV thruster. Each underwater thruster can be ordered with some standard high efficiency off the shelf propeller to be best suited with customer applications. Our expertise are ready to consult you with details. Small modifications can be accepted in orders with reasonable price.

Standard underwater thruster are designed for slow moving ROVs where bollard pull thrust, forward and reverse thrust symmetry and good slewing performance are important.  We can provide propeller and duct variations for other applications.

Lian Innovative underwater thrusters are the unique one in the market that can accept Rotating Speed, Shaft Torque and Thrust Force as input command. Rotation speed command uses in most of normal applications. Shaft Torque command uses in applications which are sensitive to propeller torque as a disturbance to their balance. And finally Thrust force mostly uses in the devices which precise force control needed during rotation and maneuvering. This enhanced feature makes it possible to not only using high thrust propeller in our underwater thrusters but also to use them in vehicles which are sensitive in rotation maneuvering.

Download off the shelf Underwater Thruster datasheet;

High Thrust Series
Model Propeller Thrust Max
Max Hydrodynamic
Power W
Weight  Wet Kg Max Eff Input Voltage 3D Model
38T 105-080 50 @ 0 Knot 65 @ 4 Knot 1 24% @ 4 Knot 24-350
 49T 140-080 80 @ 0 Knot 90 @ 4 Knot  1.2 28% @ 2 Knot  24-350
 76T 176-080 160 @ 0 Knot 190 @ 4 Knot  1.8 35% @ 2 Knot  48-350
 92T 178-080 340 @ 0 Knot 530 @ 4 Knot  3.9 38% @ 4 Knot   130-420  
245-080 250 @ 0 Knot  280 @ 4 Knot 35% @ 2 Knot
 130T  245-080 700 @ 0 Knot 1100 @ 4 Knot  9.2 40% @ 3 Knot  130-420
300-080  570 @ 0 Knot  800 @ 4 Knot 40% @ 4 Knot
 180T 300-080  1600 @ 0 Knot  3800 @ 6 Knot  12.4 40% @ 5 Knot  200-420
400-080 1200 @ 0 Knot 1700 @ 6 Knot  38% @ 3 Knot
 240T  400-080 2100 @ 0 Knot 3000 @ 6 Knot  16.8  42% @ 4 Knot  200-420
500-080 1200 @ 0 Knot 1700 @ 6 Knot  41% @ 3 Knot
High Efficiency Series
Model Propeller Thrust Max
Max Hydrodynamic
Power W
Weight  Wet Kg Max Eff Length Max mm Input Voltage
38E 090-100 40 @ 0 Knot 105 @ 6 Knot 1 60% @ 4 Knot L=305 24-350
100-100 45 @ 6 Knot 140 @ 6 Knot 55% @ 6 Knot
 49E 110-100 70 @ 2 Knot 170 @ 6 Knot  1.2 63% @ 6 Knot  L=305  24-350
120-100 60 @ 2 Knot 170 @ 6 Knot 63% @ 6 Knot
 76E 120-100 125 @ 0 Knot 170 @ 6 Knot  1.8 55% @ 6 Knot  L=305  48-350
130-100 150 @ 2 Knot 270 @ 6 Knot 63% @ 6 Knot
 92E 184-055 360 @ 0 Knot 430 @ 4 Knot  3.9 51% @ 6 Knot   L=320   130-420
184-080 290 @ 4 Knot 1000 @ 8 Knot 63% @ 8 Knot
185-114 220 @ 2 Knot 1400 @ 12 Knot 63% @ 12 Knot
 130E 235-086 680 @ 2 Knot 2500 @ 8 Knot  9.2 63% @ 8 Knot  L=420  130-420
235-097 610 @ 2 Knot 3400 @ 12 Knot 63% @ 12 Knot
235-130 470 @ 2 Knot 3300 @ 16 Knot 63% @ 16 Knot
 180E 298-078 1450 @ 6 Knot 9900 @ 8 Knot  12.4 63% @ 8 Knot  L=440  200-420
298-094 1350 @ 2 Knot 1050 @ 12 Knot 63% @ 12 Knot
298-104 1200 @ 4 Knot 11200 @ 6 Knot 63% @ 16 Knot

Custom Design Underwater Thruster

A large portion of Lian Innovative’s manufacturing activity involves the design, fabrication, assembly and development of customized underwater thruster to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.

We also can Customize Solutions/Systems for R & D Programs or Model ROV, small or large. These underwater thruster can be precision matched to each application.  Many times at very minimal cost since we have many underwater thruster that are not listed on the website. In order to properly evaluate different underwater thruster systems, it is important to understand and consider the size of the units, as the propeller diameter has a big impact on the level of thrust produced by each horsepower of input.

We can accommodate different lead lengths and terminations, and there is some scope for alternative mechanical mountings. Tunnel mounting thruster, submarine thruster and boat maneuvering thrusters can also be provided.